September will be all about artificial intelligence, so we decided to organize a series of five events on AI governance, starting in June, continue in July and August and finish with two events in September. The views and understandings that will be formed through a series of events will be summarized in guidelines and will represent the basis for the trustworthy use of artificial intelligence.

We are delighted, to welcome you to the first of five events.

Invitation to a series of five events on AI Governance

  1. EVENT: Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0.

In recent years, artificial intelligence becomes mature, widely available, involved in various business and social processes and throughout our private lives. At the same time, artificial intelligence represents a mystery and the consequent creation of a certain discomfort and fear. The consequences of using artificial intelligence also trigger different views of stakeholders and researchers and raise many ethical issues. The answer and solution for the trusted artificial intelligence technology are in defined ethical guidelines and the regulation of the field, without sacrifice business initiative and economic development. Human control, security, privacy, transparency, diversity, non-discrimination, justice, environmental and social well-being, accountability - just a few notions that should be a key part of the concept of trusted artificial intelligence technology.

The new era of artificial intelligence, therefore, dictates a safe and trustworthy use, which must be defined by appropriate guidelines and properly regulated. What are the guidelines of the EU and other initiatives (OECD, UNESCO, UN, Council of Europe)? What is the situation in practice? What should developers look out for? What should users look out for? How to provide adequate safeguards for the safe use of artificial intelligence? What is the view of different stakeholders on the current arrangement? What are the biggest challenges posed by managing artificial intelligence systems? What are examples of good practice?

Distinguished experts and stakeholders from a legal, business, technical, research, regulatory and ethical point of view will present their views, understandings on key issues through a series of five events. A series of five events will address the following areas:

- Industry 4.0

- Advertising and user data

- Media and analysis of text documents

- Pictures, video, sound

- Smart societies

The views and understandings that will be formed through a series of events will be summarized in guidelines and will represent the basis for the trustworthy use of artificial intelligence.

We are pleased to invite you to the first online event on the topic of Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0 on June 1, between 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. At the first event, we will present a new document from the European Commission, which indicates the legal framework for future regulators and developers of artificial intelligence systems. In addition to the latest European Commission document, initiatives addressing the same issues globally (OECD, UNESCO, UN) will also be presented. Furthermore, through the Facebook initiative of the Open Loop project, we will look at a complementary approach to regulating the management of artificial intelligence systems. We will look at the challenges they face and at the level of individual solutions and their implementation through the example of Qlector. The introductory lectures will present the foundations of the round table discussion, where we will try to bring together the understanding and views of various key stakeholders, which will be summarized in proposals for concrete guidelines that also address the potential specifics of individual industrial domains.


10:00 - 11:00 Introductory lectures

Katja Mohar Bastar, director of DIH Slovenia (10 min)

Marko Grobelnik, Jožef Stefan Institute (IJS) (review of initiatives - OECD, EC, UNESCO, UN) (20 min)

AI Governance through the eyes of Council of Europe, Gregor Strojin, Chair – Ad Hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI) (25 min)

Break (5 min)

11:05 -12:05 Examples of good practice

Presentation of the Open Loop project Facebook - Verena Kontschieder- Policy Program Manager - AI Policy and Fabrizio Fantini, CEO & Co-Founder Evo Pricing, (20min +10 Q&A)

dr. Blaž Fortuna, CEO of Qlector - Presentation of the solution and implementation of the LEAP system - (20min +10 Q&A)

Break (5 min)

12:10 - 13:30 Round table: How to apply AI governance guidelines in practice, don't sacrifice value and stay competitive?

Marko Grobelnik, Department for artificial intelligence, Jožef Stefan Institute (IJS), chief technical officer at IRCAI, member of the OECD Expert group on AI (AIGO)

Samo Zorc, Secretary at Ministry of Public Administration

Nicolas De Bouville, Privacy Policy Manager, Facebook

Gregor Strojin, Chair, CAHAI (Ad Hoc Committee On Artificial Intelligence - Council of Europe)

mag. Andrej Tomšič, Deputy of Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia

dr. Blaž Fortuna, CEO of Qlector

Maja Škrjanc, Department of Artificial Intelligence, researcher and project manager, Jožef Stefan Institute - moderator

The event will take place on June 1, between 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., on the ZOOM platform.

The event will be held in English. Register for the event via the link below, a few days before the event we will send you a link to the event to the email address provided. Registration is possible until Monday, May 31, until 12 – noon or until the places are filled.

Registration on the following link.

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